2016 12-15

You Should Always Keep This Fitness Gear with You

For eons it seems we have been working out to get into shape, tone and build our bodies, or maintain good health. All of these years have brought along technology, knowledge, and priceless years of experience. Now, standing at the crest of our fitness techniques, we have set an undertone for coaches, trainers, gymnasts, and people who work out for all types of reasons, worldwide. Trainers across the world agree, that a person doesn’t need a lot of material things to get a good workout. However, when confronted about the issue, they all agreed, that with the right set of tools and accessories, a person’s workouts will be a whole lot easier, healthier, and more effective. We came up list of common items found in almost every fitness trainer’s possession, and we assume just about every serious fitness buffs possession as well.

  1. A Gym Bag – If anyone wants to get serious about fitness, they are going to need a good bag. Something built to handle their throwing it about with gear in it. Who likes rebuying something every 3 months? Check out this bag that’s designed to take a beating with us!                                                                                                                                                                                  
  1. MRKT Ted Weekender – A break from the bulky looking gym bags, these will be fine to take to work, and someone could easily take a towel and change of clothes in one and still have room for books and snacks. It has a matching shoulder strap that is both removable and adjustable, and with a secret liner at the bottom to keep valuables out of sight, and SUPER FELT fabric for durability and water resistance, this bag is a perfect size for workouts or travel. The side pockets are great to keep your deodorant and toothpaste in too!
  1. Socks – These MRKT Coaches are made for athletes, and with an amazing fit, arch support, and carefully designed reinforced heels and toes, the coaches are a great helper to have on your side during a workout. They actually coach the muscles in your feet, and you can feel them supporting you. The Coach’s design also allows airflow, and a patented “Air Channel Cushioning”, with Terry Loops in the forefront, toe, and heel, for medium cushion as well. These are by far the best workout socks on the market.
  1. Hand Towel – If you sweat or move around a lot during your workout, I’m sure you have already figured out that you need two towels. One for your workout, and one for your shower. These yogitoes from Manduka are designed specifically for workouts, yoga, sit-ups, push ups, and anything else that involves contact with the ground and sweating. They tiny silicone grippers on one side keep one from sliding, and the towel on the side one lays or sits on, is to cushion their body and catch sweat. The yogitoes from Manduka are in adorable designs, made from recycled materials, and are created with sustainability and comfort in mind. Hypoallergenic and machine washable to boot, if we work out, we need one of these, and millions of sweaty people out here swear by them.

Herya from Europe said, “I can use it over a communal studio mat (I’m not comfortable with sharing mats otherwise. I do sweat, and I know other people do too!). She also pointed out that one wouldn’t need to lug his/her big mat everywhere with them either, because towels are way smaller.

  1. Water Bottle – A person needs to stay hydrated when they work out, so every gym bag needs a water bottle. This water bottle from Soma is great because it won’t break when being thrown around some, and it feels good and the hand. Not to mention the fact that with the glass, the grip area, and the bamboo cap, it’s fashionable as well. This one gets a very high score from customers, because it fits in their hand, their cup holder, an then out of sight very easily!                                                                
  1. A Mobility Ball – Essential for regaining mobility and suppleness, the concept of the mobility ball has some substitutes, but the mobility ball in itself it designed to provide a great massage on the surface, while underneath, it works out kinks in the glutes, and helps with adhesions on the chest. Trainer Jason Anthony recommends placing the mobility ball between one’s body and the floor, chair, or wall and letting their body weight roll them across.
  1. Deodorant – People are slowly finding out about this deodorant from Saje, that seems to be perfect for workouts, because it is non-sticky, hypoallergenic, and will not stain anything. Seriously all natural ingredients like sandalwood, rosewood, and liquid mineral salt to kill odor causing bacteria. It is healthier for people than wearing a layer of junk, and it smells magnificently clean.

These items will all provide a safer, more organized, and more comfortable workout, and in the case of the towel, if a person is using a community facility or rec, even more respectful workout. “There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.”

― Stephen King, Different Seasons